Rear Facing In the Front Passenger Seat

Posted by Margaret Bolt on

Here in the UK it is quite rare to see big rear facing car seats in the front passenger seat.

axkid minikid | front passenger seat | wing mirror

People worry that the front seat is not as safe as the back, but in fact using a rear facing car seat in the front seat is very safe, especially if the seat is braced against the dashboard, which is one of the strongest parts of the car. The front seat is great for little ones who cry in the back as they are usually much happier in the front where they can see mum or dad in the driver seat. The only thing that makes the front seat unsafe is the airbag, but as long as that it switched off (see picture) your little one can very safely sit next to you. In some cars you may need to add a small mirror to the top of the wing mirror, but in this car, a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the view of the wing mirror was very good.

Rear Facing car seat | front passenger | airbag switch

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