Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium

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ISOfix High Back Booster Seat
Suitable from 15 to 36kg
Approximately four to 12 years old

Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium

 A safe, simple and flexible seat after your rear facing car one

  • Adjustable and long back length for a perfect fit for your child’s height, up to 150 cm, one of the highest on the market

  • Belt guide and belt tightening to ensure that the belt is always in the right position and secure

  • Easy to move between cars, easy installation with ISOfix and carrying handles for use when travelling

  • Improved position of the side impact protection (ASIP) for increased safety

  • Adjustable recline in four different positions for optimum comfort

A good choice for the older child when a rear facing car seat is no longer an option

The Axkid  Bigkid 2 Premium is a forward facing seat approved from 15 to 36 kg with a high back that is comfortable to use up to 150 cm. It is the perfect choice for older children who have not yet reached the minimum height for the car’s three-point belt and still need a car seat to travel in a car safely.


The Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium is an update to our previous product Bigkid and comes with several improvements:

Safe belt position

The shoulder belt guide has been improved and a fourth point of contact for the three-point belt ensures that the lap belt is in the correct position and does not risk to damage any soft parts by wrong positioning. A correct belt position should result in the hip belt lying above the hip bone and not over the stomach. The new belt positioning together with the included belt guide ensures an optimal and safe belt position when your child is riding in an Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium. 

Adjustable back length 

Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium's back is 6cm longer than its predecessor's and the back can now be adjusted vertically in nine different heights. This results in one of the longest back lengths on the market which not only ensures that the Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium provides a perfect fit for your child’s height but it also increases your child's safety.

Side Impact Protection – ASIP 

The Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium comes with improved side impact protection. The side impact protection now has a fail-safe position, which means that you always attach the ASIP correctly to increase safety in the event of a collision from the side.  

High comfort 

The Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium is a spacious and comfortable seat that can be adjusted in four different recline positions, depending on both age and height. The adjustment option together with a new cover in stretch fabric ensures comfort for your child. The Bigkid 2 Premium is also perfect as a travel chair as it is easy to move and install using ISOfix and is equipped with carrying handles. 

Please note that although 
Axkid Bigkid 2 Premium is approved for 15-36 kg, Axkid  recommend  that you let your child sit in a rear facing car seat for as long as possible – up to 125 cm. 

Meets the ECE R44/04 regulation

63cmm X 46cm X 47cm

7.7 kg