Axkid Minikid 3

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Axkid Minikid 3


Axkid Minikid 3


Today, we welcome a new generation of Minikid. This new car seat expands the market of rear facing car seats, as it allows rear facing all the way up to 125cm and 36kg. Nevertheless, seat belt attached car seats have never been easier to install thanks to unique features and functions.

  • R129 approved up to 125 cm and 36kg and Swedish Plus Tested
  • Offering your child maximum rear facing safety for as long as possible, as part of our Long Range Safety program
  • Dynamic headrest technology ensures correct position of the headrest
  • Automatic lower tethers for easy installation

New generation of rear facing

The new Minikid 3 has a rarely seen rear facing range, since it is approved all the way up to 36kg and 125 cm. The back length has been widely extended by an impressive additional 10cm, which together with the high maximum limit, creates an expansion of the rear-facing market. Additionally, the tall back ensures comfortable rear facing for a longer period than ever before.

Let's not forget about the incredible legroom offered when traveling in the Minikid 3. The design of the car seat allows up to 30cm of legroom, which is not easily found on the market. The Axkid Minikid 3 is designed to fit every family and every child, and since it is installed with the car's three-point seat belt, it gives you lots of flexibility.

Easy and safe installation in 60 seconds

The Axkid Minikid 3 removes previous setbacks of seat belt fitted car seats with its unique features that enable a smooth installation. The installation includes only one belt clamp, allowing faster installation as well as a decreased risk of wrong installation. Axkid Minikid 3 also has the popular feature that the Axkid ONE has with step-by-step stickers that makes the installation even easier. I will post an installation video on my YouTube channel in the next few days.

Unique and smart features for highest safety

The automatic lower tethers featured on the Minikid 3 make everyday handling both simple and safe. The car seat can be wiggled into place and additionally will not become loose over time. Another unique feature on the Minikid 3 is the dynamic headrest technology, which means the headrest adjusts automatically to the child’s length and size. For those of you who prefer a headrest with fixed position, the Minikid 3 offers 14 fixed positions, meaning it will fit your child despite length or size.

Why Premium?

As revealed by the name, the premium version offers a superior overall experience of the car seat. Minikid 3 Premium comes with an additional padding inside the premium textile cover, giving your child a higher level of comfort. You will notice a difference on the zippers and buttons on the car seat as they are made in a different more luxurious design.

A visual difference is that the premium version has mesh textile on the back of the car seat. Furthermore, the headrest and shoulder pads are colour matched on the Minikid 3 Premium.